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This is out of date


I kept this up pre-pandemic meticulously but now, alas not.

If you want to see me just keep an eye on my Instagram / Twitter or send me a message to ask and I shall give you a list of dates.



May 18th - This Is Not a Cult - Camden Comedy Club

1st June - Maddie Campion of the World - Museum of Comedy 7pm


More tbc, follow me on Insta/Twitter for updates

lol look at the below that never happened



16th - Maddie Campion and Friends - Camden Comedy

17th - Guinea Pig Club - The Boat Show

18th - Blazers - Old Nell Drury

19th Brockley Comedy

25th Comedy Upstairs

26th Happy Laughtercraft

27th some gig in Finsbury Park

29th - Get Booked - Oxford


3rd - Mad Money WIP - Hammersmith

6th - Maddie Campion & Friends - Camden Comedy

7th - Abbotts Langley

13th Aces and Eights

22nd Comedy Upstairs

28th Jellyfish


7th Mad Money @ Brighton Fringe - Caroline of Brunswick - 9:30pm

18th Mad Money @ Brighton Fringe - Caroline of Brunswick - 9:30pm

25th Mad Money @ Brighton Fringe - Caroline of Brunswick - 3:15pm


7th - Mad Money WIP - Rochester

11th Bohehe Comedy 

22nd - Mad Money WIP - Museum of Comedy


PREVIOUS GIGS (in case you can time travel)


1st - Comedy at the Barn - Welwyn Garden City

3rd - Maddie Campion & Friends - Camden Comedy Club

4th - Jerk Store - The Albany

7th/8th - Mad Money WIP - Etc Theatre 5pm

9th - Comedy on the Bus

11th - BBC Radio Leicester Presents - The Cookie, Leicester

12th - Mad Money at LCF - Manhattan 34

14th - South Kensington Comedy Club

18th - GSOH Fundraiser - Greenwich

23rd - South Ken Comedy Club

24th - 2N Semi

26th - Mad Money at VAULT Festival - Vaulty Towers - 6:45pm

28th - Jellyfish comedy

29th - Funny Women Brighton Komedia



January 10th - Matchstick Theatre - WIP - with Sara Barron


January 14th - Good Ship Comedy

January 22nd - Angel Comedy, Camden Head

January 23rd - Bryony Twydle and Friends - Camden Comedy Club,

26th Chipping Camden - Stand up comedy nights

31st Jan - Chuckle Deli - Kings Cross



 Woodville Halls, Gravesend

February 3rd - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP - Bill Murray, Angel

Feb 8th - Downstairs at the King's Head

February 11th - Right Funny - Clapham

Feb 12th Angel Comedy

Feb 13th Angel Comedy

February 14th - Anti-Valentines comedy - The Field


February 16th - Truly Maddie Deeply - Heroes @ Criterion - Leicester Comedy Festival 

Feb 24th - Laughs at the Lamb


March 2nd - Truly Maddie Deeply -  Travelling Bookshop - Vaults Festival

March 13th - Owl Comedy

March 14th Comedy Benefit - Penge

March 15th Hideaway Live, Streatham

March 19th - Kilburn Tavern

March 27th - fundraiser (MCing) Fitzrovia

March 29th - Brew House, Bath - Truly Maddie Deeply at Bath Comedy Festival



April 6th - Folkestone Comedy Club

April 10th - Not Another Comedy Night - Rose & Crown Kentish Town (Headline)

April 14th - Craft Beer Co. Brixton

April 17th - Crafty Comedy - Star of Kings

April 28th - Mirth - Shoreditch



May 3rd / 4th / 17th / 18th - Truly Maddie Deeply - The Black Dove - Brighton Fringe 8pm

8th May - MC - Comedy @ Hoxton Cabin 8pm

May 11th - Truly Maddie Deeply Adnen Theatre Faversham

May 22nd - Camden Comedy Club


(all gigs start 8pm unless stated)

June 8th - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP @ Hoxton Cabin 

June 12th - AIDIF - Vauxhall Comedy Club

June 14th - Charity gig - London Bridge

June 19th - MC Comedy Cabin Hoxton

June 22nd - Truly Maddie Deeply preview Cambridge TBC

June 25th - Comedy Without Borders

June 27th - Comedy Lock In - Faversham

June 29th - Quantum Leopard - 2Northdown


July 3rd - MC Comedy Cabin

July 5th - MC Comedy Cabin

July 17th - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP - Oak & Pastor 8pm

July 19th - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP - Gullivers, Manchester 8:30pm

July 21st - Truly Maddie Deeply WIP - OED Festival - Oxford 9:30pm

July 31st - August 26th - Truly Maddie Deeply - 2pm (45 mins) Bothy Room, Gilded Balloon @ Edinburgh Fringe


4th - Word of Muff - Horse and Stables

19th - Maddie Campion & Simone Belshaw - Camden Comedy Club

21st - Ashford Comedy Gala

26th - Escape Bar, Stratford


1st - Glass House Ashford

2nd - Comedy Cabin MC

7th - Tribeca - Women in Comedy Festival (Manchester)

9th - Owl Comedy, Finchley - Headlining

15th - Comedy Effect - Hemel Hamstead

20th - South Kensington Comedy Club

23rd - Maddie Campion & Friends - Camden Comedy Club

24th - Let's Laugh - Cafe Cairo

25th - South Kensington Comedy Club

26th - NCOTY - Quarter Final - Museum of Comedy

30th - Objectively Funny Wednesdays - The Albany

31st - Chuckle Deli Halloween Special - The Lucas Arms


2nd - Sex Standing Up Comedy - Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium

3rd - Stupid Sunday - Rosemary Branch Theatre

11th - Right Funny Clapham / Everyone's a Joker 2Northdown

13th - ACMS

16th - WIP w/ Chloe Petts - Bill Murray 4pm-5pm

17th - Mr Sexy Pageant 2007 - 2Northdown

18th - Maddie Campion and Friends - Camden Comedy Club

19th - Stags Head

21st - Comedy Carousel - Glee Birmingham

23rd - LSQ NCOTY Semi-Final, Museum of Comedy

25th - Bears Norwich - Headlining

28th - Billabong - Rochester

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